A bridge is a method of moving token assets from one blockchain network to another.

Currently we support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Moonriver is coming soon. Other chains will continue to be added and suggestions for new chains to be supported can be made to the Catoshi team.

The bridging transactions from one chain to another take a few minutes but no longer than 10 minutes.

If a project wishes to make use of The Crossing the onboarding of your project to the bridge takes in the region of 1-2 weeks

We are also in the process of getting independently verified by Quilhash Audits.

Each token that gets added to the bridge also undergoes an independent audit by Spade Tech (www.Spadetech.io).
Each token that joins the bridge has its own server and private keys which are controlled by the token’s own project team, not the Catoshi team. This means that each onboarded project is responsible for the security of their own bridge and each bridge asset is secured independently of the others.

Each bridge transaction is subject to gas fees + a 0.1% fee which is collected by the Catoshi project.

You can contact the Catoshi team via their Telegram channel (https://t.me/originalcatoshi), Twitter (@OriginalCatoshi), [email protected] or email our bridge partners Spade Tech ([email protected])

You can contact the Catoshi team to begin discussions. The Catoshi Development team will take care of the whole process, including server installation, creating and deploying a wrapped token, deploying vault contracts, installing cryptographic key management services, and configuring server node scripts.

The Catoshi project together with its close partners can provide a complete package; set up bridging (via The Crossing), auditing (www.Spadetech.io) and farming on Padswap

The bridge was built by the Catoshi development team with support from our development partner Spade Tech (www.Spadetech.io).