Catoshi’s crypto cross chain bridge means the day of the dog is ending, the $CATS can conquer the meme world once again.

We have searched far and wide, we have found the cat of our BTC founding father! His name is Catoshi!

If you missed BTC back in 2010, Catoshi is giving you a second chance, with only 21 million tokens in total, snap them up cheap whilst you can.

Catoshi is a deflactionary fictionless yield token, so just hold your $CATS on your wallet and watch your balance grow.

Catoshi Road Map


1-4 Months


– Add to team
– Onboard 5-10 projects
– Facilitate creation of 5-10 farming pools
– ETH-BSC bridge
– FTM-BSC bridge
– BSC-Sol bridge


4-8 Months


– Onboard 50 projects
– Facilitate creation of 50 farming pools
– Add 5 new chains
– Release NFT utility and farm
– Add spotlighting and community governance voting


8-12 Months


– Create brand new type of dex
– Onboard 100 projects
– 1 million in daily volume through the bridge
– Partner with new upcoming chains
– Run marketing and advertising opportunities through our website, rewarding holders




Initial supply of 42 million $CATS — half will be burnt on launch to match BTC’s total supply at 21 million. And more burns are coming!


Uniswap pool

We have locked away 30% of the total supply to Uniswap, so that we can’t get our paws on it!


Charity wallet

6% tax – 3% redistributed to holders, 2% burnt, 1% to our mental health charity wallet

The Crossing

Game-changing utility and innovation will soon merge in Catoshi’s crypto cross-chain bridge, The Crossing, which will allow $CATS tokens to be wrapped to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — enabling low-cost transfers while allowing staking and high-APY farming via our partners PADSwap, increasing token demand as supply is locked on BSC, and allowing those who use the Binance Smart Chain to purchase $CATS away from the Ethereum blockchain.

The Crossing will also provide a game-changing pathway for any other token (including memes!) to cross from Ethereum to BSC, or from BSC to Ethereum — dramatically altering the way Decentralized Finance operates by opening a host of new buyers and a range of new utility for any cryptocurrency project that wishes to take advantage. Through The Crossing, Catoshi will soon be making it simpler than ever for Ethereum-based projects to quickly, smoothly, and easily provide token holders with high-APY farming and staking through our close developmental partnership with the elite team at PADSwap.

But not only that! — Catoshi will soon be providing bridges to other chains as well, making it possible for any cryptocurrency token to dramatically expand both its territory and its utility, with a smoother delivery mechanism than has ever been seen before. Security is paramount to our community!